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About The Contents

As I have previously stated this website is a categorisation of quotes I have collected over time concerning topics such as the War on Terror, globalisation, supranational entities, Colonialism funding of revelations, historical events and more. The other aspect of the website is the cheat sheets I have created for books, which will hopefully give you an axis point to return to and provide you with a shortcut when verifying certain segments in books.


It also gives you the opportunity to have a sneak peak of the book before you buy it, which may be the deciding factor into wanting to read more and buying it. As useful as the cheat sheets are, they are no comparison to reading the full book which contains much more information and a narrative, so I encourage you not to stop at my website.

The main goal of the website outside helping researchers, and people interested in these topics is to have a vast amount of useful information organised in one place completely backed up and to show people this information is credible and exists in reality. Much of the information comes from the people themselves through memoirs, articles and private letters. If the information is not from a primary source it comes from congressional/parliamentary investigations and high esteemed reports.

As the website expands I will carry on adding things I feel are suitable, I hope you find this website useful and pass it on to people you think might appreciate it.

About The Name

The website name stems from the quote "We seem to prefer the comfortable lie to the uncomfortable truth. And we punish those who point out reality while rewarding those who provide us with the comfort of illusion." I tracked the quote down to Bill Moyers, as I had heard it many times and wondered where it sourced from. I feel it coincides very well with the theme of the website.

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