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Hypocrisy At It's Finest: The Solomon Islands

The hypocrisy of the US and its allies is made incredibly clear by the reaction to the China-Solomon Islands security pact. Although it is only a domestic agreement, the US and its allies in the indo-pacific region say it is a threat to stability and will not accept a potential de facto military base on the doors of Australia. The irony of course being, the US surrounding China with bases in Japan, Australia, South Korea, Guam and the list goes on. On top of this, the fact the US is not in the region, the AUKUS agreement, provocative military exercises and the Quad. It clearly correlates with the hypocrisy of allowing Ukraine to join NATO and Russia's security worries on its border. I do not encourage further militarism by China or Russia, but displaying the double game and speak is important.

*The DoD in 2015 admitted to 587 overseas bases not just under 500.

DOD BASE STRUCTURE REPORT - FISCAL YEAR 2015 BASELINE - 587 admitted overseas bases Page 7


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