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The Buck Stops At The Qatar World Cup And Sports Washing: The Economic Links

In todays video I discuss how the main criticism of the Qatar World cup and Sports washing in general, goes no further than the sports aspect itself in the media and public. It is rarely discussed in any depth that the UK, US, France and NATO, have extensive military and economic links with the Gulf nations. The Gulf nations are heavily invested in real estate, hotels, fortune 500 companies, sports teams, business buildings and even localised companies. We sell huge amounts of arms to them, they hold bases for us, we have worked together to overthrow governments, they are educated at our military colleges, we have troops imbedded with their armies and more. These states are also regularly accused of funding terrorism. As much as I think the points around the sporting event are relevant, it misses a much larger story.

Please feel free to comment if I have missed any links in the show notes.

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