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A Guide To My Website: Book Cheat Sheets, Sourced Quotes, Recommended Reading and Media And More

Due to the amount of times whilst researching I came across websites with quotes but absolutely no evidence to back it up, I began to create my own resources containing the quotes, the sources and the links. This website gives you the wealth of sourced information I have collected and presents it in the most simple manner I could.

The quotes are categorised into the genres I feel suits them the best, the overall theme of the website being historical and under discussed events in the mainstream. The topics concerned are the War on Terror, globalisation, supranational entities, Colonialism funding of revelations, coups, historical events and more.

The other aspect of the website is the cheat sheets I have created, the intent being for the people who are interested in these subjects and taking away the excuses by providing the legwork for them. I know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to hunt down certain verifiable information in books, so I hope this website can help future researchers and give people enough of a look of bits in the book to want to buy it.

In this video I go through my website and explain how it is extremely useful for researchers and readers.


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