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Ex Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Made And Trained In A Western Lab

In this video we discuss how the President of Afghanistan 2014-2021, Ashraf Ghani for the second part of his young years studied at a elite US University and Professed at two US Elite Universities from 1977-1991, before joining the World Bank. The World Bank being one of the biggest Capitalist institutions, that encouragers privatising everything. He also set up a think tank called the Institute for State Effectiveness (ISE), with a fellow ex World Bank official. They went on to write a book called Fixing Failed States, doing a talk at Google and previously a Ted Talk. Ghani had an extensive relationship with the Atlantic Council, which is funded by arms corporations, banks, oil, NATO and governments. He sat on a board at the Atlantic Council with CEO's and people like Rupert Murdoch and Zbigniew Brzezinski. His own thinktank was funded by western foundations and governments.

The morale of the story being, his past, circles and training did not really match up at all with traditional Afghan living and policies. Someone who actually writes a book on fixing failed states and then becomes president, is all very strange. It seems he was groomed in the West and promoted by elite institutions and the media, to carry over these western policies to Afghanistan. The source of what I discuss, all comes from a Grayzone article by Ben Norton, so credit to him for researching this. I do not read the article, however, I use the links to discuss this strange path of Ghani.

Look up Election Fraud


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