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Rhodes: The Race For Africa By Antony Thomas

"Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for making the Anglo Saxon race but one Empire? What a dream, but yet it is probable, it is possible." Cecil Rhodes Confession of Faith, PBS

"the first of the new Dynasty of Money Kings which has been evolved in these Later days as the real rulers of the modern world." The Last Will And Testament of Cecil Rhodes Edited By William T Stead Page 55

"Whenever the man in the street sneers in that way, remind him that it was an undertaking which he had not the courage to take part in himself as one of the British people. The Imperial Government would not touch it. The Cape Government was too poor to do so. It has been done, however, and is a success. I do not think any one would say now that he would prefer to see that portion of the world under another flag. It has been done also — which the English people like — without expense to their exchequer" Pseud Vindex, Cecil Rhodes. His political life and speeches 1881-1900 Page 440

"Mr. Rhodes is my man … He is full of a far more gorgeous idea in connection with the paper than even I have had. I cannot tell you his scheme, because it is too secret. But it involves millions. . . . He expects to own, before he dies, four or five millions, all of which he will leave to carry out the scheme of which the paper Is an integral part. . . . His ideas are federation, expansion, and consolidation of the Empire." The Last Will and Testament Of Cecil Rhodes, W.T Stead Writing to his wife immediately after leaving Rhodes, 1889.

"When I see the labour troubles that are occurring in the United States, and when I see the troubles that are going to occur with the English people in their own country on the social question and the labour question, I feel rather glad that the labour question here is connected with the native question… At any rate, if the whites maintain their position as the supreme race, the day may come when we shall all be thankful | that we have the natives with us in their proper position" Pseud Vindex, Cecil Rhodes. His political life and

speeches 1881-1900 Page 371-372


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