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The US: The Country That Pretends To Care About Other Peoples Citizens More Than It's Own

On the 19th of May 2022 there were two articles in the Hill, one of the US Senate passing a $40 billion Ukraine aid package and another of the Senate blocking a $48 billion aid package for restaurants, other small businesses. This perfectly demonstrating Americas priorities, pro-longing the conflict with Russia, instead of supporting its own people. The UK have also contributed a large about of money of military aid to Ukraine, during a cost of living crisis and a shattered economy after lockdowns. Both countries seem to have the money when they need it, no matter how much debt they are in and have no political incompetence of delivering the things they really want. No matter your view on the Ukraine crisis, the countries and especially the US, clearly do no priorities their own citizens, above foreign policy objectives.

PM announces further £1 billion in military support to Ukraine -

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Afghanistan resources and quotes -


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