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Andrew Cockburn On The Power Of The Arms Trade On Policy

In this episode I had Andrew Cockburn on to speak about the influence of the Arms Trade on society, foreign policy, government, media, war and the military industrial complex. We discuss this in the general sense, as well as the war on terror, Ukraine, China and the new cold war.

Please feel free to comment if I have missed any links in the show notes.

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Show Notes

"The President should be aware that, while most Americans are laboring very hard to support him, a mood of cynicism is just beneath their veneer of respect. Many are claiming that the buildup is little more than a “Pentagon budget drill,” designed to preclude cutbacks of an Army searching for a mission as bases in NATO begin to disappear." In the Gulf, the Danger of a Diplomatic Solution And the Horrors of a Desert War By James Webb.Sept. 23, 1990 NYT (James Webb was Assistant Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan Administration)


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