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Kelly Vlahos On Ukraine, NATO & Israel

In todays video, I spoke with Kelly Vlahos, of the Quincy Institute For Responsible Statecraft. We spoke about the Ukraine war, where Kelley sees the war going, the imperial mindset of pushing the proxy war and more conflict after a pattern of previous failed foreign policy decisions and the Israeli war.

Please feel free to comment if I have missed any links in the show notes.

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Kelley's Links

BIO - Kelley Beaucar Vlahos comes to QI from The American Conservative, where for the last three years she served as the magazine’s executive editor. Before joining TAC in 2017, Vlahos served as a contributing editor to the magazine, reporting and publishing regular articles on US war policy, civil liberties, foreign policy, veterans, and Washington politics since 2007. She also organized the magazine’s major annual foreign policy conference for the last three years. Prior to that, Vlahos was director of social media and a digital editor at WTOP News in Washington, DC from 2013 to 2017. She spent 15 years as an online political reporter for FOX News at the channel’s Washington D.C. bureau, as well as Washington correspondent for Homeland Security Today magazine. She is on the board of, a non-profit media project promoting informed Left-Right debate. Her recent media appearances include C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, Tucker Carlson Tonight, NPR’s 1A, POTUS on Sirius XM, and Al Jazeera. Before moving to the nation’s capital, Vlahos earned her degree in Journalism-Mass Media at Central Connecticut State University and worked her way through local and regional newspapers in her home state of Connecticut, including The New Britain Herald and The Torrington Register Citizen. She is co-host of the Crashing the War Party podcast with Daniel Larison.

Show Notes

240:33-2:43;03 Zelensky's Life, War Broke out because not NATO Wish Renouncing Concessions (Territorial and Ukraine defense guantreas were an issue too)

2:55:20-257:25 Different leaders have different perspectives

259:28-302:34 the west curbed a ceasefire for wrong or right in his mind

"The C.I.A.’s partnership in Ukraine can be traced back to two phone calls on the night of Feb. 24, 2014, eight years to the day before Russia’s full-scale invasion. Millions of Ukrainians had just overrun the country’s pro-Kremlin government and the president, Viktor Yanukovych, and his spy chiefs had fled to Russia. In the tumult, a fragile pro-Western government quickly took power. The government’s new spy chief, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, arrived at the headquarters of the domestic intelligence agency and found a pile of smoldering documents in the courtyard. Inside, many of the computers had been wiped or were infected with Russian malware. "It was empty. No lights. No leadership. Nobody was there,” Mr. Nalyvaichenko said in an interview. He went to an office and called the C.I.A. station chief and the local head of MI6. It was near midnight but he summoned them to the building, asked for help in rebuilding the agency from the ground up, and proposed a three-way partnership. “That’s how it all started,” Mr. Nalyvaichenko said." The Spy War: How the C.I.A. Secretly Helps Ukraine Fight Putin For more than a decade, the United States has nurtured a secret intelligence partnership with Ukraine that is now critical for both countries in countering Russia. A Ukrainian Army soldier in a forest near Russian lines this month. A C.I.A.-supported network of spy bases has been constructed in the past eight years that includes 12 secret locations along the Russian border The New York Times By Adam Entous and Michael Schwirtz Adam Entous and Michael Schwirtz conducted more than 200 interviews in Ukraine, several other European countries and the United States to report this story NYT Feb. 25, 2024


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