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James Corbett: Obama & Trump On The Campaign Trail VS The Presidency

This video is a long clip/section taken out of our previous interview Obama, Trump, Qanon, Musk And Hopium : An Interview With James Corbett. The section I have posted focuses on Trump and Obama, which I thought was fitting for Trumps actions in this coming election against Biden. We have seen Trump make new promises about releasing documents, changing certain policies, but also less reported, his role in passing the Ukraine bill, attracting huge donors for his promised Israel policies and other recent contradictions to his previous comments and platform. Although some may argue Trump was better than other presidents, he followed a similar pattern of breaking campaign trail promises, like Obama, Biden and many others.

In todays video, I conducted an interview with James Corbett, about the concept of Hopium, and his documentary featuring it. We discuss Obama, Trump, Qanon, Musk and more. Hopium is intertwined with society in politics, religion, idols and general life. As with Obama and Trump, this belief of someone coming to save society, like a superhero or divine figure, followed a pattern of disappointment and egregious lies.

The initial Echo on James does not continue. Feel free to skip in and check yourself. Also, the beeping from our previous interview has been fixed.

 I did edit in some text to state this, I am unsure why it is not appearing.

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Please feel free to comment if I have missed any links in the show notes.

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