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Naftali Bennett Let's The Cat Out Of The Bag About The West And Ukraine

In this video, I discuss the recent admissions ex-Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett made about the west blocking peace and ceasefire efforts at the start of the Russia-Ukraine war. He was mediating between Ukraine and Russia at the start of the war, to try and broker a peace deal, while coordinating with western allies. He discusses how both Ukraine and Russia made huge concessions to each other, however, the west curbed these negotiations and preferred to strike Russia. If there was a genuine chance for peace and the west blocked it, how can they say they care about Ukrainians?

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240:33-2:43;03 Zelensky's Life, War Broke out because not NATO Wish Renouncing Concessions (Territorial and Ukraine defense guantreas were an issue too)

2:55:20-257:25 Different leaders have different perspectives

259:28-302:34 the west curbed a ceasefire for wrong or right in his mind

"Everyone in the West told me we do not have any chance of NATO EU membership, I asked them not to try the Ukrainian people into a corner, because our people are brave and the West should also be brave in telling directly to the Ukrainian people, that well you are not going to be NATO EU member. They did not have a consolidated position and I requested this personally. I requested them personally to try to say directly that we are going to accept you into NATO or NATO in a year or two or five. Just say it directly and clearly or just say no. And the response was very clear. You're not going to be a NATO EU member, but publicly the doors will remain open" On GPS: Could Ukraine have averted war by abandoning its NATO quest? Fareed Zakaria Interview with Ukraine President Zelensky on joining NATO CNN 20th of March 2022 - Twitter Minute 2:40


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