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Oil: The Commodity That Lubes The Hinge Of The British Establishments Revolving Door

In today's video I discuss the revolving door of the British Government, Army and Intelligence Services with Oil Corporations. BP and Shell have held a special place in the British Establishments heart for over a century and are our 2 biggest corporations by revenue. They are both one of the biggest Oil Corporations in the world and in the top 20 Corporations by revenue in the world. The last 3 heads of MI6 have all gone to Oil Corporations after leaving. You have to wonder if they get jobs at these companies for networking and influence attributes, or rewards for favours during their time in office. The article by Mark Curtis for Declassified UK, collates much of the information I discuss, however, I provide some more context and take a further look into these patterns.

I recommend reading the article yourself, as there is plenty of information, I do not cover and this is not a video of me reading the article. Their other work and Marks books are also great resources.


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