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Iraq, Afghanistan & The System That Continually Perpetuates Them: An Interview With Daniel L Davis

In todays video, I conducted an interview with Daniel L Davis, about the Iraq & Afghanistan wars and his time there. Along with his on the ground experience, he also compliments this with excellent knowledge of the topic area. We focused on the system that feeds these wars, and continues to perpetuate them. The Generals telling congress & the media the war is going well, careerism, the media themselves, fear of speaking out, squad rotations, not wanting to be the one who admits failure and the financial incentives to keep the wars going.

Please feel free to comment if I have missed any links in the show notes.

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Bio - Daniel L. Davis is a senior fellow and military expert at Defense Priorities. Davis retired from the U.S. Army as a Lt. Col. after 21 years of active service. He was deployed into combat zones four times in his career, beginning with Operation Desert Storm in 1991, and then to Iraq in 2009 and Afghanistan twice (2005, 2011). He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Valor at the Battle of 73 Easting in 1991, and awarded a Bronze Star Medal in Afghanistan in 2011. He is the author of The Eleventh Hour in 2020 America.

Davis gained some national notoriety in 2012 when he returned from Afghanistan and published a report detailing how senior U.S. military and civilian leaders told the American public and Congress the war was going well while, in reality, it was headed to defeat. Events since confirmed his analysis was correct.


Show Notes

"I think at most, we’re looking at maybe 50 to 100, maybe less. There’s no question that the main location of al Qaeda is in tribal areas of Pakistan.” CIA Director Leon Panetta: Serious Problems With Afghanistan War but Progress Being Made, ABC News JACK DATE June 27, 2010

"The Budget requests $842 billion in discretionary budget authority for 2024, a $26 billion or 3.2-percent increase from the 2023 enacted level. This growth enables DOD to make the investments necessary to execute the Administration’s 2022 National Security and National Defense Strategies." Budget of the U.S. Government FISCAL YEAR 2024 Page 68


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