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Irrefutable Proof The Mainstream Media Self-Censor, Make Huge Omissions Or Are Directed To

In today's video I provide irrefutable proof, the mainstream media ignores stories, self-censors, or is told to ignore stories. I will leave it up to you to decide why the media does not report certain context, facts and stories as a whole. The example to convey this point, is an admission by John Kerry, the then secretary of State under Obama in 2016, clearly stating in leaked audio, the US watched ISIS grow and thought they could use it as leverage against Syria and Assad, but instead Putin brought Russia in because they did not want an ISIS government. Only CNN, The NYT and The Guardian even reported about the leaked audio, however, all three did not mention this admission in their article. This more than clearly illustrates they chose to ignore this admission and most organisations did not want to touch the story at all. Please feel free to comment your ideas on why the Media operates this way.

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Quote - "John Kerry: I think we've put an extraordinary amount of arms in.

Michael Ratney: And . . . I have to say . . . it’s a double-edged sword because you give people the ability to defend themselves, but when you pump more weapons into a situation like Syria, it doesn’t end well for Syrians, because there is always someone else who is going to pump more weapons in for the other side. The armed groups in Syria get a lot of support, not just from the United States but from other partners.

Kerry: Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia—a huge amount of weapons coming in. A huge amount of money.

Ratney: But pumping weapons in causes someone else to pump more weapons in and you end up with Aleppo.

Kerry: The reason Russia came in is because ISIL was getting stronger, Daesh was threatening the possibility of going to Damascus and so forth. And that’s why Russia came in. Because they didn’t want a Daesh government and they supported Assad. And we know that this was growing. We were watching. We saw that Daesh was growing in strength, and we thought Assad was threatened. We thought, however, we could probably manage. Uh, you know, that Assad would then negotiate. Instead of negotiating, he got Putin to support him." John Kerry, Michael Ratney Leaked meeting with Syrian revolutionaries, Min 25

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