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Warlord Inc Hearings: The DoD Grilled On A Summers Day

In this video, we will be following on from the previous video, where we discussed a US government report in 2010, detailing how private contractors hired by the US, via a $2.16 Billion contract, to bring US supplies to their base, along the way had to go through a journey of bribes and protection rackets, to Warlords, Commanders, the Taliban, insurgents and Afghan officials. In this video, we will be playing clips from the June 2010 hearings the committee held about this report. They focus their questions about the DoD turning a complete blind eye to these activities and having absolutely no visibility past their base. Although the DoD mostly claim they have no knowledge, the committee circle back and try to pin them down. They do also discuss elements of the report, like the "Butcher" Commander Ruhulla and Taliban funding.


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