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Joseph Solis-Mullen The Fake China Threat & Its Very Real Threat

In todays video I interviewed Joseph Solis-Mullis, we discussed historical China, the new cold war with the US, the Chinese air balloon story, microchips, lobbying and his book he Fake China Threat & Its Very Real Threat. Please feel free check out our interview and his work.

A graduate of Spring Arbor University and the University of Illinois, Joseph Solis-Mullen is a political scientist and current graduate student in the economics department at the University of Missouri. An independent researcher and journalist, his work can be found at the Ludwig Von Mises and Libertarian Institutes,, the Journal of the American Revolution, Journal of Libertarian Studies, and the QJAE.

Please feel free to comment if I have missed any links in the show notes.

Twitter @truthovercomfo2 -

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